Programme Organisation

The member states Denmark, Sweden and the non-member state Norway participating in the programme have agreed on the following administrative and financial set-up for the programme.

The Joint Monitoring Commitee

The purpose of the joint monitoring committee is to secure an effective implementation of the programme at a qualitatively high level.

The Joint Monitoring Committee will be composed of representatives from national authorities, regional authorities, labour market authorities as well as representatives from equal opportunity and environmental organisations from all three countries involved. The European Commission may participate as an observer. See members of the Joint Monitoring Committee

The Joint Steering Commitees

In the programme two Joint Steering Committees will be set up, one for the sub-programme Kattegat-Skagerrak and one for the sub-programme Oresund. The two Joint Steering Committees is approving or rejecting project applications from their sub-region. The purpose of the Joint Steering Committees is to approve or reject project applications for funding under the Oresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak Programme. The Joint Steering Committees will report to the Joint Monitoring Committee. See members of the Joint Steering Committees; Steering Commitee subprogramme Kattegat-Skagerrak  and Steering Commitee subprogramme Oresund .


Managing Authority

The managing authority has the overall responsibility for the management and implementation of the programme. The Managing Authority is among other things responsible for signing the grant letters to the projects, and for making the actual payments to the projects. NUTEK, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, is the Managing Authority of the programme. The office is located in Malmo.

Due to Norway’s status as a non-member of EU, Norway has set up a Norwegian managing organisation. Østfold fylkeskommune has been pointed out as the Norwegian managing organisation. It will among other things be responsible for grant letters and payments to the Norwegian partners in the projects.

Joint Technical Secretariat

The programme secretariat is among other things responsible for contacts with potential applicants, programme guidance, handling applications as well as giving recommendations to the two Steering Committees. The Joint Programme Secretariat has two offices, one providing services for actors in the Öresund-region– located in Copenhagen, and one office providing services for the actors in the Kattegat/Skagerrak-region – located in Kungsbacka.


Certifying Authority

The Certifying Authority is among other things responsible for receiving payments from the European Commission. The Certifying Authority is located in Stockholm at NUTEK.