Programme priorities

The Programme is structured according to three priority axes and each project should contribute toone of the following program priorities:

Priority 1: Promote sustainable economic growth

The aim of the priority is to improve conditions for growth and sustainable competitiveness based on the region's existing strengths. Projects will focus on stimulating growth promoting activities in the areas of trade, research and education, as well as in the wider economy.

For example, projects could be developed to:

  • produce common innovation strategies;
  • improve guidance services for small and medium-size enterprises;
  • encourage the joint development and marketing of regional events;
  • foster cooperation between clusters and research institutes; and
  • encourage cooperation on sustainable tourism.

Priority 2: Tying the region together

This priority focuses on creating a physically and organisationally homogeneous region, while making it easier to cooperate and share resources.

This may entail implementing projects that:

  •  develop information systems, products and services for road users and other travellers
  • develop a safer and more sustainable transport system;
  • encourage cooperation between the region's health services; and
  •  develop greater cooperation on maritime safety issues.

Priority 3: Promote everyday integration

The aim here is to eliminate barriers and devise ways to encourage and improve contacts across borders for people, businesses and organisations and strengthen a common identity in the region. Common training programmes could be established and labour market borders eliminated. Other projects could look at ways in which the partner countries could mutually recognise diplomas and degrees.

Cooperation between tourist organisations, schools and cultural institutions etc, are likely to be encouraged as a way of further cementing ties across traditional borders.