BioM – Cultivation for bio energy, aquatic environment and soil conservation

The project contributes to fulfilling: Tying the region together

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: AgroTeck A/S

Norwegian Project owner: Bioforsk

Partners: Agroväst AB
Länsstyrelsen i Västra Götalands län
Århus Universitet
Dansk Landbrugsrådgivning
Vestjysk Landboforening

Project Period: 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012

Total Budget: 3 293 340 EUR

EU Grant: 1 543 174 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 87 132 EUR

Project Coordinator: Hanne Bang Bligaard


Phone: +45 87 43 84 00


In Scandinavia, national efforts, experiences and expertise differ in the field of biogas production. The BioM project has therefore worked to structurally unite the region by compiling existing knowledge and jointly documenting environmental effects in conjunction with biogas production. This project was meant to promote the development, optimization, demonstration and implementation of economic models and models of environmental consideration in order to create extensive and far-reaching biogas production in the Kattegat/Skagerrak region.

The project includes partners from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. AgroTech A/S is the lead partner, and Bioforsk is the Norwegian project owner.

Project Coordinator

Hanne Bang Bligaard

+45 87 43 84 00