The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Munkedal Municipality

Norwegian Project owner: Fredrikstad Municipality

Partners: Munkedal Municipality, Fredrikstad Municipality, County Museum of Varberg, Lysekil Municipality, Gunnebo House and Gardens, Tjörn Municipality, Orust Municipality, Sotenäs Municipality, Tanum Municipality, Stenungsund Municipality, Kungälv Municipality, Bohusläns museum, Kungsbacka Municipality, Tjolöholm Castle, The National Property Board, Halland Regional Development County, Region Västra Götaland, Gränskommittén, Kragerø Municipality, Norwegian Maritime Museum, Forsvarsbygg/Nasjonale Festningsverk, The Telemark Museum, Vestregionen, Röyken Municipality, Hole Municipality, Hurum Municipality, Drammen Municipality, Asker Municipality, Oslo University College (OUC), Norwegian School of Management BI Kristiansand, The Fredrikstad Museum, Telemark County Municipality, Østfold County Municipality, RUP, Nedre Glomma, Nedre Eiker Municipality, Kulturarv Nord, Skagen By- og Egnsmuseum, Skagens Museum, Try Museum, Bangsbo Museum og Arkiv, The Limfjord Museum, Sæby Museum, Vendsyssel Historical Museum, Thy and Vester Hanherred Museum, APEX/Aalborg University, University of Gothenburg, School of Business, Economics and Law, Centre for Tourism, Østfoldforskning AS

Project Period: 1 June 2009 - 31 May 2012[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 8 156 625 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 2 943 302 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra norsk IR-midler: 1 434 734 EUR

Kontakt: Jan Hognert

E-mail: hognert@telia.com

Phone: Tel. +46 (0) 524 234 80

Website: www.kulturupplevelser.com

In the project IKON, municipalities, counties, regions, tourism organizations, museums, castles and university environments in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have teamed up to strengthen the tourism industry in the region. The project has improved the skills and broken down the border barriers when it comes to work around our shared history and heritage. Efforts have been made through improved and enhanced communication, joint activities and strengthening of marketing.


Jan Hognert


Tel. +46 (0) 524 234 80