The project contributes to fulfilling: Sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Region Midtjylland

Norwegian Project owner: Forskningsparken Oslo

Partners: Agro Business Park, Erhvervsrådet for Herning og Ikast-Brande, Nupark, Nordvestjysk Erhvervsråd, Erhverv Silkeborg, Vitus Bering Innovation Park, Syddjurs Udviklingspark, Væksthus Midtjylland, Alexandersoninstitutet, Framtidens Företag, Coventure AS

Project Period: 1 January 2013 - 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 2 212 175 EUR

EU Grant: 711 115 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 279 948 EUR

Project Coordinator: Allan Holst

E-mail: allan.holst@ru.rm.dk

Phone: + 45 78 41 15 31

Website: www.kaskinkubator.dk

The project KASK INCUBATOR MATCH aimed to launch a number of concrete measures that together enhances the possibilities to develop for the participating actors. The project means that it contributes both directly and indirectly to this development, directly through the activities involved in the project and indirectly through development of the skills of staff at the incubators. The project affected the advice in the long term in relation to the future entrepreneurs/ businesses that they make contact with. The measures related to activities, leaders/ managers as well as employees of business incubators.

The project aimed to more systematically attract, involve and use the partners' network to best lay the foundation for matchmaking of business across borders. The matchmaking activity increases the chances for businesses to start to export as well as the possibility of concrete expansion plans.

Project Coordinator

Allan Holst


+ 45 78 41 15 31