KASK:VIE - Knowledge collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Aalborg universitet

Norwegian Project owner: Univeristetet for Miljø- og Biovitenskap

Partners: Universitetet i Oslo, Oslo Teknopol, Bioparken AS, Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm, Næringslivets hovedorganisasjon,
Ski næringsråd, Nofima Mat AS, Næringsrådet i Frogn, Strategisk Næringsplan, NOVI Udviklingspark, Hjørring ErhvervsCenter, Randers Erhvervs- og Udviklingsråd, Væksthus Nordjylland

Project Period: 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012

Total Budget: 2 944 564 EUR

EU Grant: 658 059 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 501 625 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anders Lunnan / Anders Tendal Christensen

E-mail: anders.lunnan@umb.no / atc@adm.aau.dk

Phone: +45 99 40 75 42

Website: www.kaskvie.eu

KASK:VIE is a cooperative project consisting of partners from Norway and Denmark. This project’s partners include players from business clusters, universities and organisations that provide support to businesses. The University of Aalborg is the lead partner, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) is the project owner.

The background of this project is the change in the competitive situation for knowledge and innovation with the advent of increased globalization. Through trans-border cooperation, the KASK:VIE project is meant to create development and growth in the region by working actively with method and tool development for knowledge collaboration, matchmaking and entrepreneurship. The three priority areas of the project are improving knowledge collaboration and matchmaking among researchers, research venues and businesses, increasing the number of knowledge-intensive businesses, and enhancing the interregional cooperation between two strong development networks in the Kattegat/Skagerrak region.

Project Coordinator

Anders Lunnan / Anders Tendal Christensen

anders.lunnan@umb.no / atc@adm.aau.dk

+45 99 40 75 42