KRUT - new strategies for Schools of Music and Arts

The project contributes to fulfilling: Tying the region together

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: SMOK, Sveriges Musik- och Kulturskoleråd

Norwegian Project owner: Norsk Kulturskoleråd

Partners: Högskolen i Vestfold, Damusa – Dansk Musikskolesammenslutning, Åarhus universitet, Göteborgs universitet,
Music- and cultural schools of: Horsens Kommune, Skanderborg Kommune, Aarhus Kommune,
Drammen kommune, Horten kommune, Kongsberg kommune, Kristiansand kommune, Larvik kommune, Mandals kommune, Moss kommune, Nøtterøy kommune, Skien kommune, Göteborgs stad - Lärjedalens kulturskola, Göteborgs stad - Västra Hisingens kulturskola, Göteborgs stad - Härlanda kulturskola, Göteborgs stad - KULMUS, Kungsbacka kommun - kulturskolan, Tjörns kommun, Mariestads kommun, Mölndals kommun, Partille kommun, Strömstads kommun, Trollhättans kommun.

Project Period: 1 August 2010 - 31 July 2013

Total Budget: 3 501 818 EUR

EU Grant: 1 094 613 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 510 759 EUR

Project Coordinator: Ulrika Jörgensdotter


Phone: +46 (0)707 61 18 11


The project took the Schools of Arts to the next level and developed new strategies for working with cultural diversity, with disabeld and with the greatest talents. The project focused on creativity and new technologies and lead to new knowledge that to be implemented in the schools of Music and Arts and at Universities educating new art teachers. The project created new knowledge and strategies which will have a long-time effect on the ways Schools of Music and Arts work, and will also make it possible for teachers to work in another country in the region and students to study in another country. This will in the long run have a great impact of cultural exchange and will lead to new cultural expressions and new industries.

Project Coordinator

Ulrika Jörgensdotter

+46 (0)707 61 18 11