REELL – Regionalt Entreprenöriellt Livslångt Lärande

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 3

Sub programme: Kattegat-Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Kungsbacka kommun

Norwegian Project owner: Sarpsborg kommune

Project Period: 2013-04-01 - 2014-03-31

Total Budget: 322 203 EUR

EU Grant: 100 000 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 117 302 NOK

Project Coordinator: Lena Salomonsson


Phone: +46 (0)300 83 88 30

Sarpsborg municipality in Norway and Kungsbacka Municipality in Sweden are united in the common goal of working with children and students' entrepreneurial skills by strengthening the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship which is covered by the EU's key competences for lifelong learning.

The preproject intends to through discussion with educators and key individuals within the municipality and surrounding local community to identify efforts to get ahead in school development.

Based on this, the project team will to construct the main project imbued with entrepreneurial approach and embody the following areas:

·         Cooperation between school and the outside world - how we tie the school closer to the surrounding community? Where does school and the rest of the world meet and how they can benefit from each other?

·         Methods and Tools – What do we use today and what works? Why does it work? What is missing and how do we meet the needs? What specific tools could be generalized and made available to others?

·         Synergy effects - Many areas are tightly intertwined with the entrepreneurial approach to innovation, technology, culture, health, gender equality, sustainable development, etc. What is interrelated, what support each other and how could this be coordinated for maximum efficiency?

Analysis - Looking at what support the data and results obtained in the above paragraphs has in research. Development work in the school should be based on both experience and proven scientific basis why research anchoring is of great importance.

Project Coordinator

Lena Salomonsson

+46 (0)300 83 88 30