SMS – social aspects and citizen dialogue in city planning and development

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote everyday integration

Sub programme: Kattegat/Skagerrak

Lead Partner: City of Göteborg

Norwegian Project owner: Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune

Partners: Fredrikstad kommune, Halmstad kommun, Region Halland

Project Period: 1 January 2011 - 31 December 2013[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 2 263 076 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 668 616 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra norsk IR-midler: 370 330 EUR

Kontakt: Ulrika Karmalm


Phone: +46 (0)31 365 70 44


The SMS project aims to develop social aspects and citizen dialogue in city planning and development. Focus will be to implement a public health perspective and good models of dialogue with citizens when condensing and constructing new city parts. The projects purpose is to develop a model in order to take care of the interests of social aspects and citizens interests in constructing processes. The project is a transnational cooperation between Norwegian and Swedish municipalities and county counsils. Partners are City of Göteborg; Traffic and Public Transport Authority, city districts of Centrum/Majorna,/Linnéstaden/Lundby, Municipality of Halmstad, County Council of Halland, Municipality of Fredrikstad anc County Council of Vest-Agder.

Ulrika Karmalm

+46 (0)31 365 70 44