Nordic Virtual Maritime industrial cluster - NOVI-Maritime

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 1

Sub programme: Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Danske Maritime

Norwegian Project owner: Norsk Industri

Partners: Swedish Maritime Technology Forum

Project Period: 1 March 2013 – 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 503 688 EUR

EU Grant: 224 066 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 20 864 EUR

Project Coordinator: Marianne Eltong Gade


Phone: +45 33 45 43 93

The Nordic Virtual Maritime industrial cluster NOVI-Maritime is a close cooperation between  the Scandinavian maritime industrial organisations Danish Maritime, Norwegian Industry and  Swedish Marine Technology Forum.

The strict environmental rules that are introduced globally often have the origin in the Scandinavian countries. The administrations of the three countries also often find themselves in agreement while working to promote each countrys own priorities. IMO and EU are central to the issues that concern the global maritime industries in the region and a coordinated activity in these organisations could promote the innovative, environmentally friendly agenda that manufacturers and governments in the three countries stands for.

Today, each of the participating organizations is active at national and international levels, but there is no mechanism to ensure that initiatives are coordinated. The project will create such an arena. Some of the regulations specific  to  the area - eg. limitations of  SOx emissions - have proven difficult to implement with potential for delays in implementation and distortions due to differences in national rules.  Regional cooperation could improve implementation. This type of problem seems to recur, and other examples are seen with regard to ballast water and NOx.

Coordinating efforts could form the basis for lasting and sustainable business development in the maritime industries in the area. Pooling the efforts of the business community in a field that is already ahead in terms of technology and environment could ensure that technological advances can be introduced more rapidly. This will benefit the environment, and will provide manufacturers with a platform from which environmentally friendly solutions can be supplied also outside the area.


Project Coordinator

Marianne Eltong Gade

+45 33 45 43 93