Rekreative ruter - Recreational routes

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promoting sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak

Lead Partner: Region Nordjylland

Norwegian Project owner: Østfold fylkeskommune

Partners: Region Nordjylland, Hjørring Kommune, Frederikshavns Kommune, Visitnordjylland, Region Sjælland, Skov- og naturstyrelsen Vendsyssel, Østdansk Turisme, Visitkalundborg, Odsherreds Turistbu-reau, Læsø Kommune, Faxe Kommune, Guldborgsund Kommune, Holbæk Kommune, Jammerbugt Kommune, Køge Kom-mune, Brønderslev Kommune, Mariagerfjord Kommune, Morsø Kommune , Odsherred Kommune, Re-bild Kommune, Ringsted Kommune, Rold Skov natur- og kul-turcenter, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen Himmerland, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen Thy, Stevns Kommune,Thisted Kommune , Vesthimmerlands Kommune, Aalborg Kommune, Østfold fylkeskommune, Moss kommune, Rygge kommune, Råde kommune, Akershus fylkeskommune, Asker kommune, Bærum kommune, Frogn kommune, Oppegård kommune, Vestby kom-mune, Buskerud fylkeskommune, Hurum kommune, Lier kommune, Røyken kommune, Halden kommune, Region Halland, Region Skåne, Trelleborgs kommun, Vellinge kommun, Skurups kommun, Svedala kommun, Laholms kommun, Hylte kommun, Falkenberg kommun, Varberg kommun, Kungsbacka kommun, Orust kommun, Västra Götalands region, Uddevalla kommun, Svaløv kommun, Lysekils kommun, Stenungsund kommun, Strømstads kommun, Tanums kommun, Länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland, Sotenäs kommun, Munkedals kommun, Härryda kommun.

Project Period: 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012

Total Budget: 4 971 556 EUR

EU Grant: 1 659 293 EUR

Norwegian IR Grant: 840 993 EUR

Project Coordinator: Mette Arleth


Phone: +45 96 35 13 25


Rekreative Ruter is a project which aimed to stimulate businesses along recreational routes in the ÖKS region and to promote the region as an attractive area for recreational activities. This has been achieved by establishing a number of gateways which are particularly well-equipped service centres along the routes. The users have had access to information and services which are offered by the businesses. These new or developed businesses through the project can for example be tour operators, guides, companies for servicing bikes, IT companies, places of accommodation, providers of meals and refreshments, transporters of luggage etc. The gateways included all or some of these businesses depending on the size of it. In order to establish the gateways it is necessary to identify relevant businesses and set up a network amongst them for exchange of experiences and co-operation in order to market the whole OKS region as an attractive region far recreational activities.

The conditions for running a gateway will obviously varv from place to place, and different models will thus be developed and tested and experiences shared among all partners. The relevant businesses will be dependent on tourists and users of the route network and it is therefore important that the route network appear complete and of a good qua lity in order to attract and retain users. The ÖKS region already has a number of good routes but they are not all connected and they are of a varying quaiity. Complementing and improving the quality of the routes are therefore a prerequisite for improving business conditions and increasing the number of service companies relating to the routes and activities will be initiated to help achieve this.

Different methods of innovative lCT will be tested and the experiences shared among all partners and they will form the basis for establishing mobile information services along the routes.  Presentation of the ÖKS area as an area full of attractive outdoor activities to a broader audience will be done through the publishing of three magazines, annual events with activities in all regions, as well as visits by invited journalists to every participating region.


Project Coordinator

Mette Arleth

+45 96 35 13 25