Cardiovascular diseases prevention and treatment around the region of Oresund

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 2

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Hjertemedicinsk klinik B, Hjertecenteret, Rigshospitalet

Partners: Skånes universitetssjukhus, Glostrup Universitetshospital och Københavns Universitetshospital Bispebjerg.

Project Period: 1 januari 2011 - 31 december 2013

Total Budget: 3 878 714 EUR

EU Grant: 1 939 360 EUR

Project Coordinator: Kristian Wachtell


Phone: +45 35450888

The aim of this project is to formalize and develop cardiovascular research by collaboration across the border in the region of Øresund so that larger and more relevant cardiovascular research projects are possible. In addition, the project seeks to further develop a cardiovascular research infrastructure so that collaboration is more effective and less expensive.

The added value is a collaboration that is an attractive vehicle for research done between Universities in Lund and Copenhagen as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. The project group consists of very experienced researchers from Malmö University Hospital in Sweden, Rigshospitalet, Glostrup University Hospital and Bispebjerg University Hospital, in Denmark, with extensive research experience. ´


The reason that the region of Øresund is well suited for medical research is that:

• Øresund have the number of patients with cardiovascular disease needed for doing research at the highest international level.

• Patients have high level of education and low mobility, in addition to centralized person-number registration system needed to follow patients over long periods of time. 

The end result of this project at the end of the 3 year period should be that:

• Researchers have the necessary competences and understand complex relationships between development of cardiovascular valvular disease and treatment options.

• Researchers have the necessary IT infrastructure to facilitate collaboration across borders and virtual beyond the buildings.


By these fundamental building blocks (number and education of patients, central person number, researcher’s competences and research infrastructure) the region of Øresund can offer to facilitate and accommodate pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry and can provide an attractive cardiovascular research opportunity in regards to quality as well as cost.

Project Coordinator

Kristian Wachtell

+45 35450888