Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Malmö högskola

Partners: Roskilde Universitet (RUC), Kommunförbundet Skåne, Professionshøjskolen Metropol

Project Period: 1 jan 2011 - 31 dec 2013

Total Budget: 348 800 EUR

EU Grant: 174 400 EUR

Project Coordinator: Jonas Christensen


Phone: +46 40 66 57 406

In the future Oresund Region, there will be more elderly people and less young hands to provide elderly care. How do we as a society handle this great challenge? The CareSam-project exchanges knowledge and know-how within elderly care across the Oresund region.

A new way of thinking
A great number of Swedes and non-native Swedes are working within the elderly care sector on the Danish side of the Oresund Region. A growing number of Danes live in Skåne and many of those Danes will grow old on the "other side of the region". Even though there are many similarities between Sweden and Denmark, there is a significant potential for knowledge transfer within the elderly sector as Sweden and Denmark have different traditions when it comes to client influence, education systems, service, and attitudes.  

Dialogue and seminars with focus on job development
Through four dialogue seminars, the project CareSam created a network. This network brought together groups from both Denmark and Sweden in order to create in-­service training, identify opportunities for cooperation, and provide a two-­way knowledge transfer within the region. The purpose of the network was to contribute to an active and engaged dialogue about elderly care in the future and also put focus on education, career, and skills in this sector.

In the future however, it is necessary to think more about job functions in the elderly care sector, as more elderly people stay in their own homes for a longer time and also live longer.

The project has made a movie on their discussions and findings throughout the project:

Project Coordinator

Jonas Christensen

+46 40 66 57 406