Creating Competitive Jobs

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Lunds University

Partners: Københavns Universitet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Copenhagen Business School, Malmö högskola, Sustainable Business Hub, inSPIRe FOOD, Företagarna, CONNECT Denmark, CONNECT Skåne, Handelskammaren.

Project Period: 2013-06-01 – 2014-12-31

Total Budget: 2 175 298 EUR

EU Grant: 1 087 649 EUR

Project Coordinator: Caroline Hansson


Phone: +46 46 222 17 47


Research and development departments in the region experience cutbacks. Huge cutbacks.
How can companies then develop new and innovative products and methods which will lead to new jobs? Creating Competitive Jobs are testing new methods, where companies participate in competence development programs at the universities in order to be more successful in creating competitive jobs.

Matching companies and researchers
The project aims to develop a new method in supporting companies to utilize academic knowledge and to use this knowledge in their business in order to create competitive jobs. The project will match companies with researchers at any of the universities in the Oresund region. As a result of the project, cross-border collaboration is expected to grow.

Competence program
Thirtheen companies will have the possibility to participate in a competence development program in which researchers and business advisers in Denmark and Sweden will work with the challenges, which the companies are currently facing. The companies will be selected through an open and transparent process. In addition to the competence development program, the project will continuously remain open for new companies looking for the help of researchers. 

Project Coordinator

Caroline Hansson

+46 46 222 17 47