Culture driven innovation in the Öresund Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote everyday integration

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Saxo Institute (Copenhagen University)

Partners: Lund University

Project Period: 1 August 2009 - 31 October 2011[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 333 226 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 166 613 EUR

Kontakt: Tine Damsholt


Phone: +45 35 32 94 75


Riding the train across Oresund, shopping groceries, and eating are things we do automatically. However, which habits do we have in the Oresund Region? And can knowledge about our habits increase growth? The project worked to strenghthen the use of cultural analyis as a tool for the business sector.

Cultural analysis a useful tool
Knowledge is demanded on all levels in the Oresund region. Globalisation demands that we think in new and innovative ways. Cultural analysis can contribute with new knowledge about the daily lives of consumers, their behaviour and way of thinking. This information can help develope new and better products. The projects Culture Driven Innovation was a collaboration between Copenhagen University and Lund University, companies, municipalities, and NGOs. The purpose was to test and spread the use of the cultural analysis.

Students and companies cooperate
The cultural analysis performed in the project focused on integration, welfare, and business potential, and it was based on the daily life of citizens in the region. The project developed working methods (”do’s and don’ts”) in relation to using the cultural analysis as a tool. Also, by cooperating with the two-year masterprogram MACA, Master of Applied Cultural Analysis, the project increased student mobility as courses were offered either at Lunds University or at Copenhagen University. The students worked on cultural analysis cooperative projects in four fields:

  1. Urban planning
  2. Tourish and "green living"
  3. Health and livestyle
  4. User-driven Innovation

Read more about the invidual projects.

Students hired to do cultural analyses
In a region where cooperation is increasing, there is a need to know more about our habits and cultural preferences in order to create innovation and growth. Culture Driven Innovation widened the use of the cultural analysis, and brought the tool from universities to businesses. During the project, there was an increase in students working temporarily for the business sector with cultural analysis. Moreover, a number of companies have been aware of the value of cultural analysis.


Tine Damsholt

+45 35 32 94 75

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