E-mission in The Øresund Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Københavns Kommune

Partners: Malmö stad, Helsingborg stad, Öresundskraft AB, Region Skåne. Region Hovedstaden ingår i projektet som extern offentlig medfinansiär. Supportive partnere er E.ON Sverige AB, Better Place Danmark A/S, Center for Grøn Transport i Trafikstyrelsen, Gate 21, Move About ApS, Trafikverket Syd og Dansk Elbil Alli-ance

Project Period: 01 jan 2011 – 31 dec 2013

Total Budget: 1 856 000 EUR

EU Grant: 928 000 EUR

Project Coordinator: Mette Brinch Clausen

E-mail: metcla@tmf.kk.dk

Phone: +45 8232 9488

95 percent of all vehicles on the Øresund Bridge are cars. In 2009, 6.8 million cars crossed the bridge corresponding to 18,000 per day. Commuters accounted for 42 per cent of passenger cars. In 2018, daily traffic across the bridge is expected to increase to 30,000 vehicles per day and rising to 37,000 cars per day by 2025. Unfortunately, car traffic emits large quantities of CO2.

Emission from car traffic could be reduced significantly if more people choose to replace their petrol or diesel powered cars by with an electric vehicle as electric vehicles emit significantly less CO2 than fossil fuel powered cars.

The long term goal of the project ‘E-mission in The Øresund Region’ is to influence as many citizens, public and private companies in the Øresund Region as possible to replace their petrol or diesel powered cars with electric vehicles.

To reach this goal, public and private companies on both sides of Øresund will co-operate. These project participants will carry out several activities. Among these are information campaigns, an electric vehicle rally and a summit for mayors from the Øresund Region. They will also work towards the establishment of an infrastructure for electric vehicles that makes it possible for commuters to charge their electric vehicles on both sides of Øresund. As there is yet no standard plug charging, it is a complicated affair.  An electronic map of charging points in the Øresund Region will also be developed within this project.

Project Coordinator

Mette Brinch Clausen


+45 8232 9488