Excellence in Diversity

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Region Skåne

Partners: Foreningen Nydansker, Internationella Kvinnoföreningen i Malmö

Project Period: 01 sep 2011 - 30 aug 2013[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 457.524 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 228.762 EUR

Kontakt: Tomas Petersson

E-mail: tomas.petersson@skane.se

Phone: +46 768 870 428

Sweden and Denmark have an ageing population. In addition it has been established that the unemployment rate is larger among immigrants than natives in the Oresund region. To counter-act a negative economic development in the future, it is important to establish a cross-border cooperation regarding integration and diversity in the labour market of the Oresund region.

The project aims to establish a long-lasting cross-border cooperation concerning integration and diversity in the labour market of Oresund. The plan with this project is to create a cooperation which will lead to a more effective use of resources in the form of immigrants on the labour market. The aim with this project is to create an arena for the exchange of experience, knowledge and methods concerning integration and diversity on the labour market that which will contribute to mutual learning and the use of competences that exists on each side in the region.

The project consists of two levels. The first level is practical and contains a concrete exchange of methods, where a method about workplace culture is to be developed and implemented on the Swedish side, and at the same time the method will be developed and improved in Denmark. In exchange, a method will be developed concerning the connection between economic growth and diversity as well as diversity development and management.

The second level is political and this level will contain discussions about how integration and diversity on the  labour market has developed on both sides of the region, what we can learn from each other, but the aim is also to develop common future strategies. 

The main goal with this project is to create an Oresundmodel for integration and diversity in the regional labour market.  Improved integration in the labour market in Oresund will result in better use of resources, adding to that this project will also counter-act future structural problems that an ageing population brings.


Tomas Petersson


+46 768 870 428