Exemplary Knowledge Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 3

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Roskilde Universitet

Partners: Malmö högskola

Project Period: 1 jan 2011 - 31 dec 2013

Total Budget: 1 006 200 EUR

EU Grant: 503 100 EUR

Project Coordinator: Marie Brobeck, RUC

E-mail: Brobeck@ruc.dk

Phone: +45 46 74 33 18

Website: www.ruc.dk/samarbejde/internationalt-samarbejde/malmoe-university

This project points back to the Øresundsregionale Udviklingsstrategi (ØRUS), which underlines that the combination of research, development and education is to weak in the Øresund region. The strategy puts emphasis on ”the inner life and integration of the region” as well as ”the Øresund region's international competitiveness and global positioning” as two areas, that can strenghten the continual development of the Øresunds region. These two levels are integrated in the project ”An Exemplary Knowledge Region”, which is based on strong cooperation between Malmö Högskola (Mah) and Roskilde Universitet (RUC).

The aim of the project ”An Exemplary Knowledge Region” is to develop three knowledge fields ”Communication and Development for Social Change”, ”Europeanization and Globalization” and ”Meaning and Diversity”, and to organise the activities coherently and progressively. Roskilde University, leadpartner, and Malmö University, coordinating partner, have experienced that the research staff at the two universities have the interest for and the capacity to coordinate cross-border projects. Also experienced was a minor interest amongst the students for using the Öresund region as a common arena for education. By developing those new areas in fields where there are many students, and combine that with new cross-border educations and teaching methods, the project seeks to rethink and create a new concept that can increase the mobility in the region. The goal is to attract more students and new groups of professionals in order to carry out the prioritized area ”Promote everyday integration. 

Project Coordinator

Marie Brobeck, RUC


+45 46 74 33 18