Foodbest Øresund Phase II

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Lead Partner: Lunds Universitet

Partners: Københavns Universitet. Det Biovidenskabelige fakultet (KU-Life), Foodbest Fællessekretariatet (KU), Aalborg Universitet (København), Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Region Hovedstaden, Region Skåne, Biopeople (KU)

Project Period: 1. Oct 2011 - 30. Apr 2013

Total Budget: 2 391 556 EUR

EU Grant: 1 195 778 EUR

Project Coordinator: Jenny Bergsten


Phone: +45 28 74 40 90


The food sector in the Øresund Region is of crucial importance for the regional economy and includes a few large companies as well as a number of SME's, that all together employ more than 184.000 people in Denmark and Sweden. The Danish food cluster alone comprises the world’s third largest export oriented food cluster measured in number of employees, and 17% of the total Danish exports are food exports. Yet innovation within the food industry is low with few start-up companies and spin-off's from existing companies. There is also a low level of technology transfer and knowledge sharing. Therefore Foodbest Øresund Phase II is working for a transformation from the traditional food industry and low technology culture into a new innovation-driven, high-tech culture with new business models.

In addition the Øresund Region is the one of the leading European R&D (Research&Development) regions within food due to a combination of world leading universities and companies.

The new EU initiative, KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities) organised by EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) is an instrument for creating innovation within a specific industry combined with a field of knowledge. Such a KIC could become a unique springboard for the transformation process of the food sector in the Øresund Region.

This project is a supplement and a continuation of the project ”Foodbest Øresund”. The overall objective for both projects is the creation of a European food innocation collaboration (preferably as a KIC, described above) with a regional hub in the Øresund Region – a so-called ”co-location centre”. The focus of the initial project is on creating knowledge about and unifying the Øresund Region as well as positioning the Øresund Region as a strong international organizer for food innovation, in order to improve chances for a food KIC. This project aims at consolidating this positioning, strenghening the relations between stakeholders in Denmark and Sweden and with important food companies and research/ education institutes across Europe. The objective is to create a Danish-Swedish content focus and ensure a strong, fit regional pre-consortium, able to take the responsibilities and fulfill the targets of a KIC or similar innovation collaboration. In parallel, the project is working to position the established collaboration in the Øresund Region with European stakeholders as the strongest candidacy for a food KIC.

During the first phase of the project, the expected launch of the next KIC call was postponed from 2011 to 2013, making the way to a food KIC both longer and more complex as more competition is expected to rise. The initial project has proven that there is a strong interest in collaborating towards a food KIC, both at a regional and at a European level. National and European politicians, industry, research and education institutes as well as innovation- and technology transfer players are involved and expect the work to continue. All stakeholders have high expectations to the outcome of the content, preparation and positioning processes, which is the rationale behind this continuation project.

Even if the Food KIC won't be located in ØR, the project has the potential to create a range of positive side effects for the food industry in the Øresund Region.

Project Coordinator

Jenny Bergsten

+45 28 74 40 90