Governance of the Sound of Science

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 2

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Lund University

Partners: Roskilde University

Project Period: 1 Feb 2010 - 1 March 2011 [The project is completed]

Total Budget: 110 000 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 45 355 EUR EUR

Kontakt: Lund University - LU Open

From stainless steel to aluminum alloys. With the establishment of the two major research platforms within material sciences, ESS (European Spallation Source) and MAX IV, the Oresund Region has a unique possibility to be among the leaders in material sciences research. To strenghten this position, Governance of the Sound of Science created a platform for innovative and new ways of sharing knowledge between companies and research facilities.

”The region is alive with the sound of science”
Research creates growth according to many reports. Innovative research however demands cooperation between the private sector and research in terms of exchange of knowledge and new ideas. If the Oresund Region becomes better at innovative research, we can become leading within the field of material sciences. Now, this has become a realistic goal due to the establishment of the large research facilities ESS og MAX IV in Lund.

Smart thinking
The project arranged a number of networking activities concerning strategical important areas: Materials & Nano, and Climate & Energy. Furthermore the project analysed and tried to promote a network; People in Motion - An attractive region. The project also supported the work and cooperation in the Interreg projects Nano Connect Scandinavia and Øresund Materials Innovation Community.

It doesn't stop here
Innovation within material sciences needs to increase further, if the Oresund region wants to be number one in the world within research in material sciences. Even though the project finished earlier than planned, the cooperation continues in the project Nano Connect Scandinavia. Read morea about the project here.



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