Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Destination Borstahusen ekonomiska förening

Partners: Landskrona stad, Företagsalliancen (Näringsliv og turism i Svalöv), Svalövs kommun, Brøndby kommune og CBS (School Story Lab)

Project Period: 1 jan 2010 - 31 dec 2013

Total Budget: 474 000 EUR

EU Grant: 237 000 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anders Persson


Phone: +46 70 51 59 866


On both sides of Öresund small communities are struggling to market their visitor attractions to potential travellers. In many cases their efforts are overridden by big cities in the area. To successfully show the great potential of the Öresund region, as a place to visit, cooperation between the small actors is needed.

Joining forces
The project HUBS's main objective was to build a network of smaller municipalities and stakeholders to develop strategies for the sustainable tourism in smaller municipalities in the Oresund region. The project then focused on digital and social media marketing through seminars and courses for people working within tourism. During this work the municipalities decided to join forces create a common marketing concept.

Common concept on Tycho Brahe
The project developed a commen concept on Tycho Brahe. Tycho Brahe was a Danish nobleman known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical and planetary observations. He was born in Scania, then part of Denmark, now part of modern-day Sweden, thus a commun figure for the region. The result is a walking trail and bike path that runs through the participating municipalities and binds them together through Tycho Brahe. Along the way each municipality hase created different activities, cafees and restaurants for visitors.

Project Coordinator

Anders Persson

+46 70 51 59 866