Jobs and Competences in the Oresund Region

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Beskæftigelsesregion Hovedstaden & Sjælland

Partners: Region Hovedstaden, Region Sjælland, Region Skåne, Københavns Kommune og Arbetsformedlingen i Sverige

Project Period: 16 June 2008 - 1 June 2011[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 1 253 539 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 604 000 EUR

Kontakt: Jacob Løbner Pedersen, Københavns Kommune


How do we make sure that Danish businesses aren’t in lack of manpower when people are unemployed in South Western Sweden? And can we make sure that the skills of the population match the increasing demands of the businesses? The project ‘Jobs and Competences in the Oresund Region’ looked ahead. By creating a specific tool, 'the Oresund Balance', they got a unique overview of the labor market in the Oresund Region.

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Better employment demands better knowledge
n the future, a more qualified workforce is needed if we want to ensure continuous growth and progress. While the size of the workforce is getting smaller in Eastern Denmark, more hands will be available in South Western Sweden (Skåne). Evidently, securing educational opportunities and evolving a dynamic labor market across the Oresund Region is essential. This way, education and available hands are put to good use where it is needed.

New and unique overlook
The project followed and analyzed the changes in the Oresund labor market from 2008 to 2011. The project developed ‘Øresundsbalancen’ (the Oresund Balance); a tool which collects available positions from 270 different kinds of job categories in the Oresund Region.

Work continued
In the future, the project wanted to see more Danes and Swedes travelling across the border to find jobs or to study. This way, a more dynamic labor market and study life will occur. The project wanted to continue its work, and thus the project 'Jobs and Education in the Oresund Region' began. In this project, the goal is to spread the knowledge from ‘Jobs and Competences’ so that citizens can take part in the labor market on the other side of the border.

Visit the project 'Jobs and Education in the Oresund Region' here.


Jacob Løbner Pedersen, Københavns Kommune