Jobs and Education in the Øresund Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 3: Promote everyday integration

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Københavns Kommune – Beskæftigelses- og integrationsforvaltningen

Partners: Beskæftigelsesregion Hovedstaden & Sjælland, Region Skåne, Arbetsförmedlingen - Analys, Arbetsförmedlingen
- AMO Malmö, Region Hovedstaden, Malmö Stad, Region Sjælland, Metropol, Sosu C, KTS, Malmö Högskola

Project Period: 15 sep 2011 - 15 sep 2014

Total Budget: 2.327.140 EUR

EU Grant: 1.163.570 EUR

Project Coordinator: Mai Lundemark


Phone: +45 21 46 50 60


The aim of the Oresund regional development is to be the most attractive and climate smart region in Europe by 2020. In order to obtain this goal, we must utilize the dynamic advantage of having an integrated labour market where people with different education, skills and practical experience have access to all workplaces across the region. It will take reinforcement of the integration and in particular of the everyday integration within labour market and education.

For the years to come, the great challenge in the Oresund Region will also be to reinforce growth, ensure education for the remaining section of the population that drops out of the educational systems today, handle unemployment and prevent the negative effects of the generational shift within the labour force. At a more operational level there is a need to strengthen the everyday integration and in practice visualize and utilize the possibilities of the unexploited capacity on the other side of Oresund, e.g. vacant jobs and studentships.

This project aims at reinforcing the everyday integration and mobility. The overall aim is contributing to creating an interconnected and varied educational system and labour market in the Oresund Region. This will be realized in identification and visualization of jobs and education possibilities, which will increase mobility along with practical courses for citizens, counselors and strategically co-operation, like industrial counsels. It will be realized in innovation of tools and effort.

With this project, central operators within employment and education wish to 1) create a more integrated labor market, among other things by increasing mobility of the job seekers and developing tools, that create an overview and support mobility, 2) increase the everyday integration by establishing and testing Oresund industrial counsels, within respectively the building trades and the health sector, seeking to identify and resolve border barriers in proportion to among other things practical training, 3) increase integration between educations and increase the competences, employability and mobility of the students in the Oresund Region by developing and testing educational courses and practical trainings across Oresund.

Project Coordinator

Mai Lundemark

+45 21 46 50 60