Orestat III

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Region Skåne

Partners: Region Sjælland, Helsingborgs Stad, Landskrona Kommun, Malmö Stad, Arbetsförmedlingen, Öresundskomiteen, Region Hovedstaden

Project Period: 01 sep 2011 - 31 dec 2014

Total Budget: 1 340 349 EUR

EU Grant: 670 174 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anna Bjärenlöv

E-mail: anna.bjarenlov@skane.se

Phone: +46 406753257

Website: www.orestat.se

In order to monitor integration-related progress in the Oresund Region and to gain insight into the competitiveness of regions compared to other regions, there is a need to develop new comparative data in key areas. It is necessary to increase the usability of the database and develop content to ensure a stable future availability of planning information. A dynamic process of development increases the need for statistics and facts for decision making. Although there are a lot of regional statistics in Denmark and Sweden, these statistics lack the ability to describe the structures and processes in a cross-regional perspective.

The database ”Orestat" contains comparable statistics, for instance in the areas of demography, housing and employment, for the Öresund region. The database was built through two Interreg-projects, Orestat I and II. The purpose of the projects was to establish an open database with comparable statistics of the crossborder region Oresund. Unfortunately, the use of the database has decreased through the years, because its current incarnation is somewhat technically obsolete and not very user-friendly.

Orestat III creates a very specific cross-border value by systematically building comparable statistics across the Öresund region. The statistics will be a better base for quality-assured analysis, planning information and input for the forecasts. Statistics create a base for strategic and operational discussions on efforts to strengthen the integration process and the competitiveness in the Öresund region. During the project period of Orestat III the technical platform will be renewed and the website will be modernized, two dissemination conferences and four regional meetings will take place.

A reliable and successful method for statistical development is to conduct exploratory studies to illustrate the possibilities to develop comparable statistics. In Örestat there will be six exploratory studies on the different priorities of the regional development strategy for Öresund (ÖRUS). The exploratory studies will be preceded by workshops with a wide range of users and experts.

Results of Orestat III will be logged in a modern database of comparable statistics for the Öresund region, which is readily available. The database will contain comparable statistics in various areas such as employment, education, environment, health, culture, infrastructure, industry structure, regional economy, and research and innovation.

Project Coordinator

Anna Bjärenlöv


+46 406753257