Oresund as a Bicycle Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: tying the region together

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Region Skåne

Partners: Region Hovedstaden, Municipality of Malmö, Helsingborg, Lund and Kristianstad in Sweden, Municipality of Copenhagen, Roskilde, Helsinore and Køge in Denmark, Högskolan in Kristianstad and Vägverket Skåne

Project Period: 1 January 2010 - 31 December 2012[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 1 833 251 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 916 625 EUR

Kontakt: Patrick Leijon, Region Skåne

E-mail: patrick.leijon@skane.se

Phone: +46 (0) 44 309 32 51

Website: www.oresundsomcykelregion.nu

Bikes are an eco friendly alternative to other forms of transportation such as cars, busses, and trains. The project Öresund som cykelregion (Oresund as a Bicycle Region) wanted to improve the conditions for riding a bike in the Oresund Region. Among other things, the project produced a map listing all the bike routes in the region.

More bikes - less polution
Cars polute, and this effects our environment and general health. In Denmark and Sweden, the goal is to increase the amount of people riding a bike; and not just as a means of transport but also focusing on "biking tourism". The project Öresund som cykelregion (Oresund as a Bicycle Region) was a cooperation between different municipalities, Region Skåne, and Region Hovedstaden with the purpose to make the region more accessible for people riding bikes. The project worked by sharing different experiences, producing common concepts, and coordinating investments.

Biking map and good behavior
The project initiated many activities to improve the conditions for bike riders and biking in general. The project carried out a number of information and advertising campaigns. In cooperation with media students, they produced an ad to make it more popular to wear a bike helmet. The ad was shown in Swedish movie theaters.

The project also mapped existing bike paths and created a map of bike paths and routes in the entire Oresund region. The map can be used both for biking tourism and for people commuting on their bikes to and from work and school. The project also developed a number of "bike packages", which contain information about different bike routes in the region. Download the packages at Visit Skåne

The project also launched a big campaign on biking rules and routines in order to boost good and safe behaviour in traffic.

The work continues
The project worked to improve the conditions for bike riders in the region. During the project period, a lot of knowledge on biking was shared and spread to both bike riders and to the general public in Denmark and Sweden.

Many of the activities will continue after the project has ended. In Skåne, the focus on biking has increased during the project and thus they continue to improve biking routes and bike roads in and around the cities. Around 100 000 Euros is invested in a regional platform with the purpose of promoting and improving biking as a form of transportation. At the same time, a longterm investment of around 100 million Euros for new biking paths and roads will continue until 2025.


Patrick Leijon, Region Skåne


+46 (0) 44 309 32 51