PR e-Science

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 2

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Lunds Universitet-Øresundsuniversitetet

Partners: Inst f byggvetenskaper, Lunds universitet, Datalogisk Institut, Københavns Universitet og Øresundsuniversitetet/Roskilde Universitetscenter

Project Period: 1 March 2010 till 31 Aug 2011

Total Budget: 647 890 EUR

EU Grant: 323 945 EUR

Project Coordinator: Daniel Kronmann, Øresundsuniversitetet


Phone: +46 46 222 8620

Computational science will grow more in the next 10 to 20 years than it has previously and will have a profound impact on the social and industrial development in many areas. The amount of data that is being collected and produced is growing at an accelerating rate. There is a great need to develop tools and methods to utilise the data and to spread the knowledge about the tools and methods. There is also a need to realise the full potential of modelling and simulation made possible by the continuing computer development. eScience is a collective term that includes the development of such tools and their application.

There are many different eScience activities in the Øresund region, but they are isolated and there is a lack of awareness of the work being performed in different groups. There are also other groups that could utilise the current eScience tools and knowledge, if they knew they existed. In particular, the exchange and collaboration between business and academia is very limited. In short, this means that the knowledge and possibilities of eScience within the region are not optimally utilised.

This project will map out the eScience activities in the region and find partners for future collaborations between academia, business, and society and across the national border. A network of competence will be established with the complementing skills of Copenhagen University and Lund University as the foundation. Furthermore, the eScience related courses at these universities will be catalogued with an aim to make it possible for students in the whole region to take part in them and to create new, joint courses. With a larger student base, it will be possible to deliver courses tailored to specific areas.

The main vehicle for achieving the aims of the project is two eScience ambassadors, who will be responsible for surveying the existence and needs of eScience in the region and for matching partners in future collaborations. The ambassadors will also communicate their findings through public media to inform a wider audience about eScience and its possibilities. Seminars and workshops will be organised to consolidate the network and to further disseminate information.

Project Coordinator

Daniel Kronmann, Øresundsuniversitetet

+46 46 222 8620