Partnership for Growth

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Københavns Kommune, Økonomiforvaltningen, Center for Byudvikling

Partners: Malmö Stad

Project Period: 01 April 2012 - 30 June 2013

Total Budget: 360 000 EUR

EU Grant: 180 000 EUR

Project Coordinator: Tobias Beck


Phone: 0045 33662022

The Partnership for Growth between Copenhagen and Malmö aims to strengthen the cooperation across Øresund and attract more foreign companies and investments to the two cities. Copenhagen and Malmö have a triple challenge consisting of a rapidly growing population, a relatively low growth and no central overview of the areas for urban development. Together the two cities become a large metropolitan area with a great potential due to the 3,7 million inhabitants, a skilled labor force, good infrastructure and a size sufficient to attract international awareness.

To promote growth and create jobs the project will develop a physical and a digital Business Map which provides a brief overview of the areas for urban development in Copenhagen and Malmö. Apart from pointing out specific areas for urban development and their characteristics, the map will highlight infrastructure, universities, congress facilities etc. Thereby it will become easier for foreign business and investors to find a suitable location.  The project will also create an Introduction Package with the relevant information to foreign companies and investors that potentially could establish new business in Copenhagen and Malmö. As a part of the project the partners will analyze strategic opportunities and obstacles for business in the Øresund region. Together, the Business Map and the Introduction Package will contribute to a common story of two cities as one single, coherent, competitive and sustainable business area.

In the last stage of the project other relevant regional players - municipalicies, universities and business organisations - will be invited to join the Business Map, the Introduction Package and the common story of the two cities. This opening of the project will underline the two cities’ role as a driving force for growth in the Oresund Region and at the same time initiate a further regionalisation of the cooperation across Øresund.

Project Coordinator

Tobias Beck

0045 33662022