The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Lunds Universitet, Enheten för Öresund och nätverksprojekt

Partners: Rigshospitalet (Reproduktionsbiologisk laboratorium, Afdeling for Vækst og Reproduktion, Fertilitetskliniken), Herlev hospital (Urologisk klinik), Bispebjerg hospital (Arbejds- og Miljømedicinsk afdeling), Skånes Universitets sjukhus (Reproduktionsmedicinsk centrum), Lunds universitet (Afdelingen för Arbets- och Miljömedicin, Molekylär Genetisk Reproduktion, Molekylär Reproduktionsforskning)

Project Period: 01 September 2012 - 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 3 838 760 EUR

EU Grant: 1 919 380 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anna Lindestén Janson


Phone: +46 40 39 11 04


The Öresund Region holds extensive knowledge in reproductive medicine with internationally acclaimed professionals. In the ongoing Interreg-project Reprosund the basis for collaboration between Denmark and Sweden was initiated with the idea to structure a base on which a High Competence Center within reproductive medicine could be created. The preparatory work is now well under way and therefore the project is ready to continue with phase two; ReproHigh, a project that will focus on creating a High Competence Center in Reproductive Medicine (HCC).

The overall ambition with ReproHigh is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Öresund Region within reproductive medicine to contribute to economic growth. More specifically:

- Increase opportunities for collaboration between public and private sector in the field of reproductive medicine, driven by an enlarged client base.

- Clarify the significance and implement the valorization and research aspects where the HCC develops knowledge areas in coorperation with industry on a user driven basis.

- Work with professional development in the field of reproductive medicine, and attractive aspect from the perspective of professional care taking for people coming to the region but also as a core competence that can be exported to other countries.

Infertility is a growing problem and a HCC enables more efficient usage of scarce resources, a significant contributor to combat escalating costs in the public sector with regards to healthcare. This also implies that reproductive medicine is a growth area, with sales potential for the industry. European health care is aiming towards greater mobility for patients and freedom to choose care provider. A HCC in the Region will set the foundation for keeping core competences and becoming a center of excellence, not only in the sense of being a highly qualified care provider but also being an attractive business partner and the obvious choice in terms of exploration and innovation in the field of reproductive medicine.

The long-term effects of ReproHigh aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Region, through active work to keep expertise within reproductive medicine, but also in the wider sense the life science and the ICT industry with core competences locally. Furthermore, routines for patient mobility between Denmark and Sweden will prove an example and could act as a model for developing other areas within health care.

Project Coordinator

Anna Lindestén Janson

+46 40 39 11 04