SWIM - Scandinavian World of Innovative Media

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Fonden de Københavnske Filmfestivaler / CPH:DOX

Partners: Film i Skåne, Boost Hbg, Dansk Film Institut / New Danish Screen

Project Period: 01 July 2012 - 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 1 434 068 EUR

EU Grant: 717 034 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anna J. Ljungmark

E-mail: anna@swimbabyswim.dk

Phone: +46 732 315198

Danish and Swedish documentary are experiencing a national and international success which has placed both countries at the very top of the international film map. Both countries have over the past few years witnessed a new generation of directors and producers who have embraced the documentary film with great ambition and a willingness to innovate. The cross-media industry is a relatively new industry that spans many different types of media production - from the gaming industry over multi-media design for new types of film and television production.

The Øresund Region holds an unique position in supporting this growth potential that exists in the industry right now. However, the situation is the same in cross media industry as in documentary film industry: the relationships and knowledge sharing across the Sound is almost non-existent.

Despite two strong creative production environments on both sides of the Sound, both regarding documentaries and cross-media, there is at this point no developed formal working relationships to ensure a common structural focus on the huge growth potential.

Øresund: Cross Media Program will establish the Öresund Region as Europe's absolute centre of international documentaries and cross-media production. The project will identify the specific competencies of the region with the aim of developing sustainable structural platforms that can support the inter-regional cooperation with a special focus on strategic development of new cooperation platforms in the cross-media field.

The objectives of the project are to:

• Support inter-regional documentaries and cross-media collaboration with special focus on developing talent in the new generations of directors and producers.

• Strengthen the region's international brand as an area with unique skills in documentary and cross-media.

• Attract international documentaries and cross media productions to the region.

• Build a platform which will create contact between the industry and the creatives with a focus on new business models.

• Support an overall growth for both documentary film industry and the cross media industry.

Project Coordinator

Anna J. Ljungmark


+46 732 315198