Social inclusion of Youths in Marginalized Housing Areas

The project contributes to fulfilling: Priority 3: Promote everyday intergration

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: VPC - Udviklingscenter for Voksenundervisning i Københavns Kommune

Partners: Landskrona Stad, Boligforeningen VIBO, BUF - Børn og ungeforvaltningen Amager, Svalövs kommun, Höganäs kommun, Kristiansstad kommun, Bjuv kommun

Project Period: 01 Aug 2011 - 30 juli 2014

Total Budget: 2.564.493 EUR

EU Grant: 1.282.247 EUR

Project Coordinator: Rie Hougaard


Phone: +45 32 68 73 35

The project focuses on the problems concerning marginalized youths in the Øresund region. The region is facing challenges due to rising unemployment rates among youths. This in turn increases the risk of marginalization among this group. This is in part due to labour market demand in the Øresund region. The labour market is expected to experience an increase in the demand for an educated workforce. The problems regarding marginalized youths are thus likely to increase, the project wish to address this problem.

The project operates with two target groups: The primary target group is social workers, and the secondary target group is young people in marginalized housing projects, who are in danger of marginalization. The projects main focus is on education of social workers, who are in direct contact with the projects secondary target group. As part of the education the social workers of the partner organizations will initiate pilot activities for the secondary target group. The education encompasses an initial investigation of the social workers involved and their expectations and needs for education. The education will thus build on the experience of the social workers and complement their professional experience. As part of the education the social workers will have responsibility for investigating the needs and expectations of the secondary target group regarding pilot activities. The project thus builds on existing experiences of social workers and the needs and demands of the secondary target group.

The educational methods will be documented and used to create an education for social workers in the Øresund region which will be anchored in VPC.

The project organization consists of The City of Copenhagen’s Children and Youth Administration, Copenhagen Adult Education Institute The Culture and Leisure Administration, VIBO, The Cities of Landskrona, Kristianstad, Bjuv, Höganæs and Svalöv.

The project results are an educational model for social workers in the Øresund region, increased mobility for social workers in the Øresund region, better understanding of the needs and demands of the secondary target group, increased mobility for the secondary target group, testing of alternative methods for inclusion of the secondary target group.

Project Coordinator

Rie Hougaard

+45 32 68 73 35