Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Køge Municipality

Partners: Hässleholms kommun, VisitKøge, Køge Byhistoriske Arkiv

Project Period: 1 March 2013 – 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 461 000 EUR

EU Grant: 230 500 EUR

Project Coordinator: Lars Nielsen

E-mail: turistchef@koegeturist.dk

Phone: +45 28 79 26 99

Small cities with large tourism potential
The commune of Køge on the Danish island of Zealand and the commune of Hässleholm in Sweden are municipalities with similar backgrounds. Both have around 50.000 - 60.000 inhabitants and due to the shared Danish/Swedish history there is a shared cultural and historical identity which gives a good basis for common projects and a crossborder connection.

Tourists demand new products
The world is becoming more global and tourists demand new products. The last few years, thousands of apps have been developed, and quite a few within the tourism sector. However, most of these tourism apps are just a copy of the information which can be found in tourism brochures and home pages, and the full potential of modern technology has not yet been exploited.

App with focus on cultural heritage
The project is a smallscale crossborder tourism project based on common cultural and historical identity, exploiting the possibilities of modern technology with a tourism app. The app will attract Swedish tourists interested in visiting Denmark, Danish tourists interested in visiting Sweden, and international tourists interested in cultural heritage while visiting the Øresund Region.

The app will be able to measure the crossborder activity of the tourists and the tourists will be able to upload their own unique experience, thereby continuously developing the app.  This interactivity with the tourists will give valuable feedback and it will be possible to see if Øresund tourism really exists. Due to the open source approach, the app can be used and further developed by other organisations interested in crossborder tourism.

Project Coordinator

Lars Nielsen


+45 28 79 26 99