The Music Bridge – Music and Culture Schools in the Öresund Region

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Ishøj Music School

Partners: Frederiksberg Music School Frederiksberg, Vellinge Music School, Kävlinge Music School.

Project Period: 1 March 2009 - 29 February 2012[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 95 780 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 23 945 EUR

Kontakt: Ishøj Music School


Music can break down barriers between people. However, can music break down borders between countries? The Oresund Region has many tunes to play with a large number of musicians, ensembles, concert halls and music schools. In the project The Music Bridge the main focus was to strenghten the cooperation between music- and culture scools.

More cooperation between music schools 
From violin to jazzemsembles. More and better opportunities for music classes and concerts for music students in the region improves the total music life in the region. This was one of the main conclusions from the project The Music Bridge, which main focus was to strenghten the cooperation between music- and culture scools in the Oresund Region.

Talent competition within classical music
The project resulted in a network between the involved music schools, and they then initiated different types of music events on both sides of Oresund. An indirect result is the activitites around the competition "Øresund Solist", which is a talentcompetition for young classical musicians (strings and winds) below the age of 20 years. Activities to attract more young musicians to the competition.

Let the music play
In the project students and musicians travelled across Oresund to experience and cooperate with music schools on the other side. The project created a basis for cooperation and exchange of teaching methods and traditions betweens music schools. Thus the project contributed to a continued development of the music scene in the Oresund Region.


Ishøj Music School