The Öresund Classroom

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 3

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Miljöförvaltningen, Malmö stad

Partners: Barn och Skolförvaltning Lunds stad, Barn och Skolförvaltning Lunds Öster, Lunds universitet, Malmö högskola, Børne- og Ungdomsforvaltningen, Københavns kommune

Project Period: 1 Aprl 2010 – 31 March 2013

Total Budget: 2 007 736 EUR

EU Grant: 1 003 868 EUR

Project Coordinator: Åsa Hellström


Phone: +46 40 34 22 23


2005-2015 is the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) which aims for everyone to have the knowledge and tools to support sustainable development (SD) in our global and local communities. A key element is new methods of learning and interaction, incorporating participation, communication, as well as increased transparency inside and outside the classroom.

The Öresund Classroom (ÖC)– a partnership between Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen – focuses on how to engage students and teachers in envisioning a new learning process for a sustainable society. In the Öresund Classroom, the emphasis is on students (ages 13 and 14) and teachers. There are 8 schools (4 on each side of Oresund), 26 teachers and 360 students as well as municipal authorities (Malmö, Copenhagen and Lund) and Lund University. The role of the university is to research new methods of learning and monitoring. 

There is a growing interest in the Öresund to address ESD together. All cities have a ‘nature school’ and address sustainable development (SD) in interactive learning. The Skåne Region was nominated as the first UN Regional Centre of Excellence in ESD (RCE Skåne). There is a desire to expand to RCE Öresund. The Öresund Classroom builds on initiatives and techniques already incorporated which have the possibility to find forms, processes and motivation to build significant changes. Common aims include:

  • Concrete models and methods for how schools in the Öresund Region can work together on SD
  • A catalogue with best practices and a guide for municipalities to stimulate and support schools to include young people as active citizens in the municipality's SD work
  • Provide teachers a tool to involve students in a democratic manner and strengthen dialogue
  • Engage youth in current political debates concerning SD challenges
  • Increased partnership and communication amongst municipalities in: climate change, SD, culture, learning about nature and urban systems
  • Develop & implement practical methods of reflection and learning for teachers (learning circles)
  • A mobile science centre, the Urban X Öresund etc; a exhibition with activities about climate change, energy and how Öresund municipalities can work jointly
  • Related ESD conferences and dissemination.
Project Coordinator

Åsa Hellström

+46 40 34 22 23

Öresund Classroom in motion

English filmmaker, Jack Price, loves  the Öresund Classroom. He has created a short film about the subject.

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