Visö - Visualization of Infrastructure and Sustainable development in Öresund

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 2: tying the region together

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Swedish Transportation Authority (Trafikverket)

Partners: Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet), Banverket, Region Skåne, Region Hovedstaden and Region Sjælland

Project Period: 1 November 2008 - 1 November 2011[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 971 116 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 485 558 EUR

Kontakt: Trafikverket - Kontor Syd

The overall motive of Project VISÖ, “Visualization of Infrastructure and Sustainable development in Öresund", was to contribute to and enable a more effective planning and decision making process. This was achieved through the joint development of coordinated planning tools and methodologies - based on synchronized facts, maps, indicators and visualization models - from which alternative development scenarios and strategic infrastructure choices and their effects can be understood, communicated and visualized in pedagogic illustrations and purposeful dialogues across the region.
A prototype of a new planning tool was developed within the project. This could, when completed, enable not only the involved partner organizations but also politicians, affected communities and individuals to better understand and shape decisions regarding the development within the region in a positive direction. In the very end such a tool contributes to a sustainable urban development which improves the quality of life and strengthens the economic development while simultaneously improving the service quality in the regions build environment.

Project VISÖ was a collaboration between Swedish and Danish state and regional planning authorities within the Oresund Region. The Swedish Transportation Authority (Trafikverket) was the project Lead Partner and the Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) was the coordinating partner.


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