Öreferie – sustainable tourism in the landscape of the Öresund region

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 3

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet(SLU)

Partners: Köpenhamns Universitet, Högskolan Kristianstad, Region Skåne, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen Storström, Skov-og Naturstyrelsen, Nordsjälland, Stevns Kommune, Östra Göinge kommun, Sjöbo kommun

Project Period: 1 Apr 2010 till 31 March 2013

Total Budget: 1 223 031 EUR

EU Grant: 611 515,50 EUR

Project Coordinator: Anna Peterson

E-mail: anna.peterson@slu.se

Phone: +46 40415454

The project “Öreferie – sustainable tourism in the landscape of the Öresund region” focuses on developing new innovative tourism opportunities in the region based on new cooperation between partners not traditionally cooperating in tourism (forest districts, tourism operators, universities, municipalities, regional authorities and others).

The project will be activating and combining “hidden” experience opportunities in relation to nature, culture and outdoor recreation & health into a number of new tourism products across the Øresund Region. This will strengthen the tourism experience opportunities in the region, increase visitation across the Sound, strengthen cooperation among the diverse actors involved in each tourism product and initiate a process of innovation among participants that may continue also after the project. Also, cross -cultural exchange and everyday integration in the Øresund Region will benefit from the project.

In times of financial crisis as well as increased environmental awareness, the interest in tourism opportunities near by - staycation – is on the rise and the Øresund Region offers unique opportunities for such types of vacation – which will all be accessible by public transport. The project is initiated by a creative phase of exploring and defining the many possible opportunities within a number of themes. These ideas are gradually shaped into a number of tourism products, which will then be tested and marketed. A number of training workshops and joint activities will facilitate and strengthen the innovation process and ensure the quality and content of each of the tourism products. The first season of tourists will test the products and based on systematic evaluation of their expe riences and satisfaction, the products will be adjusted before season two is carried out. Further workshops and training sessions will contribute to this. The products should by season two have reached a balance in content and high quality. After the project ends a loop of positive feed-back consisting of 1) knowledge transfer from the universities to entrepreneurs and tourists 2) opportunities offered by land-owners in the public sector which will 3) increase interest from entrepreneurs and tourists for sustainable tourism, which will increase demand for 1) knowledge transfer from universities...This will ensure that the new tourism opportunities will continue to exist also after the project ends.

Project Coordinator

Anna Peterson


+46 40415454