Ørescenen - a border-crossing platform of performing arts for young audiences

The project contributes to fulfilling: priority 3

Sub programme: Oresund

Lead Partner: ASSITEJ Sweden

Partners: ASSITEJ Denmark

Project Period: 1 Mar 2010 – 31 Dec 2011[The project is completed]

Total Budget: 312 900 EUR

Udbetalt støtte fra ERUF: 156 450 EUR

Kontakt: Niclas Malmcrona

E-mail: nm@assitej2011.info

Phone: +46 86598633

Both Malmoe and Copenhagen have a lot to offer in terms of culture and cultural events. The daily exchange of culture is gradually increasing, e.g. more people watch performances and visit arrangements across the Øresund Region. For children and young people this exchange is much smaller, almost non-existent, especially in performing arts.

The project wants to create a meeting place for Swedish and Danish professionals in performing arts, but also for the audience; children, young people, families and adults. This meeting place could be as performances in both Copenhagen and Malmö.

A survey has shown that performing arts producers on both sides of the Sound have little knowledge about each other and on-going activities. There is thus a need to develop this. The possibility of exchange is also largely unexplored. The project will investigate, explore and examine the barriers to a regional exchange and cooperation for the benefit of both practitioners and the public. 

In 2011 the Congress and Performing Arts Festival - ”BUILDING BRIDGES, CROSSING BORDERS” will takes place in the Oresund Region, in two cities simultaneously, Copenhagen and Malmoe.

The aim of the project is to build lasting working relations, and network (s) within performing arts as an outcome of the congress. The project hopes to achieve an increased exchange of children's culture (performing arts) area to the benefit of producers and "consumers", e.g. preschools, schools but also for the wider audience.


Niclas Malmcrona


+46 86598633