Oresund Event Center

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote sustainable economic growth

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Wonderful Copenhagen

Partners: Region Skåne, Roskilde Universitet, Region Sjælland, Region Hovedstaden, Malmö Stad, Helsingborgs Stad, Kristianstads Kommun, Helsingør Kommune, Lunds Kommune, Køge Kommune, Frederikssund Erhverv, Ballerup Kommune, Københavns Kommune.

Project Period: 1 feb 2012 - 31 dec 2014

Total Budget: 1 692 002 EUR

EU Grant: 845 499 EUR

Project Coordinator: Ulrich Ammundsen

E-mail: uam@woco.dk

Website: oresundeventcenter.dk/

Oresund Event Centre will be the first of it's kind - not only in Scandinavia but in the world. A cross country and regional centre focusing on sustainable growth through events in the whole Oresund region. Oresund Event Centre supports existing regional and municipal event organisations in both Sweden and Denmark. The aim of the centre is to professionalize the cross regional cooperation through skill enhancement, event development and knowledge sharing.

  • Skill enhancement: Workshops, master classes, education, study trips, conferences, knowledge sharing and networking.
  • Event development: Supporting bidding on international sport and culture events (on off), national and international events (returning) and developing new cross regional events through research, analysis and development resources. Focus will be on cross regional and international potential.
  • Knowledge sharing: Web, social media and papers. The centre will provide its partners with knowledge and trends within the event business and science.
Oresund Event Centre gathers for the first time the main players in the regional event industry in one network. This will make the whole region more competitive and more attractive for international event organizers, tourists and talents. This again will have positive impact on innovation, turnover, jobs and the regions national and international branding.       
Project Coordinator

Ulrich Ammundsen