Øresund Media Platform

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote everyday integration

Sub programme: Øresund

Lead Partner: Øresundsinstituttet (Øi Service AB)

Partners: Roskilde Universitet, Lunds Universitet

Project Period: 1 juni 2012 - 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 976 676 EUR

EU Grant: 488 338 EUR

Project Coordinator: Johan Wessman

E-mail: johan.wessman@oresundsinstituttet.org

Phone: 0046 40305630

Øresund Media Plattform (ØMP) works to gain the integration within the Øresund Region through new journalistic work methods that will increase the general knowledge about the cross-boundary development in Scania and Zealand.

More and more people experience that the journalistic coverage of the Øresund Region diminish simultaniously as the information from public actors and clusters are relatively divided. The goal of ØMP is to change this with a project that is built on a combination of ØMP’s media studies, which will increase the knowledge about the present journalistic coverage of Øresund, and ØMP’s  editorial staff, which will function as a regional research-based photo and news agency.

The editorial staff will function as a non-commercial regional news agency which, through open source thinking, will deliver articles, facts and photographies once or a few times per month, free of charge. The editorial staff will, with it’s regional focus, function as a complement to excisting news agencies and media with fast news coverage and a nation state perspective.

ØMP’s material will be distributed free of charge and can be divided into three parts: ØMP photo, ØMP News and Øresund Magazine. The first two parts will together constitute the news agency function mentioned above. The latter part will consist of a detached Englishspoken magazine which will make the journalistic material available also for an international public for free. The Øresund Magazine will be published as an annual paper-printed periodical, a newsletter and a web page that will be updated quarterly. ØMP’s work will also generate three networks that will further contribute to the integration in the Øresund.

Project Coordinator

Johan Wessman


0046 40305630