Öresund Metro - Improved rail link capacity across the center of the Öresund Region

The project contributes to fulfilling: Tie the region together

Sub programme: Öresund

Lead Partner: Malmö Stad / Gatukontoret

Partners: Københavns Kommune

Project Period: 1 jan 2012 - 1 okt 2013

Total Budget: 1 000 000 EUR

EU Grant: 500 000 EUR

Project Coordinator: Klas Nydahl

E-mail: klas.nydahl@malmo.se

Phone: +46 4034 1315

The Öresund bridge made the vision of a common Öresund Region possible. Since the bridge opened in 2000 development has gone faster than expected. While economic recession has slowed down development in short term, the Öresund Region is however still only in the beginning of its development. Integration in the center of the Öresund region, around Copenhagen and Malmö/Lund, has been essential in creating an internationally competitive critical mass of labor, research, business etc. that can make the region more attractive and competitive. Due to the concentration of population in Malmö- and Copenhagen area its important to examine the need of a metro in this part of the Öresund Region.

Integration has been rising since the bridge opened, but the rail link capacity will be fully utilized in 20 years and further integration will face serious problems. Hence the lack of rail link capacity is turning into a factor that prevents further development.

The Cities of Malmö and Copenhagen has conducted preliminary conceptual studies into the prospects of a fast and high-frequency connection between city centers as a way of strengthening and securing future integration and growth. The conceptual studies were presented at a joint municipal board meeting between the Cities of Copenhagen and Malmö on 24 of May 2011. An Öresund metro would be able to release the bridge and its connections from local travels and thus create more space for train travelers to and from Copenhagen Airport. In addition to the movement of travelers from the bridge to a new metro the connection will create more travel from center to center (Malmö – Copenhagen), which will be of great importance for a wider housing and labor market.

The project intends to pursue a deeper socio-economic, construction, economic and traffic engineering analysis of possible models for a Öresund metro. Key elements will be to study what type of solutions will best enhance integration, a critical mass, a common labor market and cooperation between businesses and research across Öresund – in order to make the long term infrastructure solution able to create growth. The work packages of the project also include broad consultations with stakeholders and dissemination of ideas about the Öresund metro and the results of the studies carried out in the project in order to secure knowledge, expertise and support in the Öresund region.

The results of the project will consist of a number of analysis: effects of a fixed connection in relation to integration and growth, the conditions for establishment of the metro such as physical possibilities, capacity needs and traffic frequency, and also the time frame for the construction of the metro as well as an analysis of economic aspects (construction and maintenance costs). The activities also include dissemination of the results and starting a dialog with stakeholders at all levels.

Project Coordinator

Klas Nydahl


+46 4034 1315