Öresundsklassrummet Level 2 - Learning and Action for a Sustainable Öresund

The project contributes to fulfilling: Promote everyday integration

Lead Partner: Malmö stad

Partners: Ungdomsforvaltningen Københavns Kommune, Malmö Högskola, "Forskningsprogram for Miljø og Sundhedspædagogik"

Project Period: 01 August 2012 - 31 December 2014

Total Budget: 882 744 EUR

EU Grant: 441 372 EUR

Project Coordinator: Åsa Hellström

E-mail: asa.hellstrom@malmo.se

Phone: +46 703111417

Website: www.oresundsklassrummet.eu

Education for sustainable development (ESD) is a lifelong learning process that leads to active future awareness, ethical considerations and critical thinking. An important aspect of education for sustainable development is the development of action competence, which is a combination of factual knowledge, conscious values and the opportunity to take action.

“Level 2 – Learning and action for a sustainable Öresund" is placed in this context. The project aims to build a permanent platform (also called Level 2) for education for sustainable development in the Oresund Region, which can actively enhance everyday integration across Öresund.

The main target group in the project is politicians who can make decisions on continued financial support of the platform "Level 2”. The political support is achieved by five main activities, all in which politicians play a role. Other important target groups included are: pupils, teachers, school leaders, officials, researchers, educators linked to “external centers of learning” (eg, outdoor schools in Malmö and Copenhagen).

The overall aim of the project is to have a functioning platform that strengthens and facilitates ESD across the Öresund and that has political support and a finance agreement for the upcoming years.

After the end of this project, the platform “Level 2” is supposed to work with the following activities:

  • Organizing an annual conference on outdoor education and ESD
  • Providing a knowledge center for and meeting places for actors in the field of ESD 
  • Offering a pool for study visits
  • Facilitating school exchange
  • Providing climate ambassador training for pupils
  • Organizing seminars and workshops about ESD
  • Organizing various regional competitions for students/pupils
  • Coordinating cooperation and exchange between “external centers of learning” across Öresund.

The platform “Level 2” will also be able to initiate new projects by providing project ideas and by providing links between potential project partners.

Project Coordinator

Åsa Hellström


+46 703111417